Monday, 4 March 2013


Ø  Bicycle chain, transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle thus propelling it
Ø  Chain drive, the main feature that differentiated the safety bicycle
Ø  Chain gun, type of machine gun that is driven by an external power source, sometimes connected by a chain, to actuate the mechanism rather than using recoil
Ø  Chain pumps, type of water pump where an endless chain has positioned on it circular discs
Ø  Chain-linked Lewis, lifting device made from two curved steel legs
Ø  Chainsaw, portable mechanical, motorized saw using a cutting chain to saw wood.
Ø  Chain steam shipping
Ø  Curb chain, used on curb bits when riding a horse
Ø  Door chain, a type of security chain on a door that makes it possible to open a door from the inside while still making it difficult for someone outside to force their way inside
Ø  Keychain, a small chain that connects a small item to a key ring
Ø  Lead shank (or "Stud chain"), used on horses that are misbehaving
Ø  Lavatory chain, the chain attached to the cistern of an old-fashioned W.C. in which the flushing power is obtained by a gravity feed from above-head height. Although cisterns no longer work like that, the phrase "pull the chain" is still encountered to mean "flush the toilet".
Ø  O-ring chain, a specialized type of roller chain
Ø  Roller chain, the type of chain most commonly used for transmission of mechanical power on bicycles, motorcycles, and in industrial and agricultural machinery